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Rumifeed is a controlled consumption, molasses based liquid feed supplement delivered directly into your trough. Rumifeed can be fed to sheep in a variety of grazing situations from dry forage to green pasture supplementation.

Rumifeed is a molasses based liquid supplement developed to improve pasture utilisation and increase livestock productivity.
Rumifeed provides protein and energy, necessary to increase the digestion and intake of forage.
Delivered directly to troughs on-farm, it is rain-safe, palatable and accepted by sheep and cattle on all country types.
The Rumifeed Service Team achieve a controlled intake by blending sweet and sour components to suit individual livestock requirements and changing pasture conditions.

  • Rumifeed Uses:
  • Provides protein, energy and minerals
  • Including superior levels of phosphorus
  • Increased pasture intake and utilisation*
  • Encourages stock to forage further
  • and less selectively*
  • Increased weight gain*
  • Delivered direct to troughs on-farm
  • Nutritional technical support included
  • Palatable and accepted by stock on all country types
  • Improved reproductive performance*
  • Affordable start-up costs

* The results of supplement feeding cannot be guaranteed and will depend on individual circumstances. All standard precautions associated with feeding urea to livestock should be strictly adhered to.
Carefully follow all instructions, warnings and precautions provided by your Rumifeed agent.


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