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Molafos Gold is a molasses based product containing canola oil designed for use in the manufacture of blended dry feeds.

A range of Feedmill Supplements to suit all milling situations: 

  • Chaff based Feeds 
  • Meal based Feeds 
  • Grain based Feeds 
  • Pelleted Feeds 
  • High in Molasses (Energy) with various combinations of vegetable oil, preservatives, emulsifiers and surfactants. 
  • Flows readily at low temperatures 
  • Reduces setting of product in bag 
  • Reduces fines and dust 
  • Improves feed palatability 
  • Enhances moisture retention 
  • Reduces build-up of feed on equipment 
  • May reduce electricity costs due to reduced mixing drag (resistance) on the equipment 
  • Assists bulk feed flow easily in cold weather 
  • Provides an even consistent coating to pellets and textured dry feed 
  • Has a sweet aroma 
  • Gives feed a rich golden colour


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