Vegetable Oil

Vegetable Oil is widely used in the Australian beef feedlot, poultry, pork and dairy industries as an energy boosting supplement. For over 15 years our¬†Energro‚ĄĘ vegetable oil brand has been synonymous in delivering intensive beef producers with a high-quality product and service that helps¬†maximise¬†their livestock‚Äôs growth potential. Importantly,¬†Energro‚ĄĘ also delivers secondary benefits such as dust suppression, reduced ‚Äúsorting‚ÄĚ by livestock, as well as assisting with the reduction wear and tear in machinery by acting as a natural lubricant. We use a strict quality assurance process that complies with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) Maximum Residue Limits.¬†

We also sell recycled cooking (ARA certified), canola and soybean oil.

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