Rumifeed is a fully serviced molasses-based liquid supplementdelivered into your paddock, with sweet and sour components providing controlled consumption to improve pasture utilisation and increase livestock productivity.

Rumifeed pasture supplement is suitable for all types of cattle & sheep:  

  • Lactating breeding cows & ewes 
  • Pregnant breeding cows & ewes 
  • Dry cows & ewes 
  • Weaners 
  • Bulls & Rams 
  • Backgrounders 


    Products suitable for all conditions:  

    • Dry Pasture 
    • Stubble 
    • Forage Crop 
    • Green Pasture 
    • Fully serviced product delivered into your paddock 
    • Controlled consumption, molasses-based supplement 
    • Blended sweet and sour components, resulting in optimised intake and animal performance 
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    • When used as directed Rumifeed will aid in reducing weight loss, increasing live weight gain, improving fertility and overall profitability 
    • Rumifeed contains slowrelease urea which aids in delivering a controlled supply of ammonia 
    • Palatable and accepted by stock on all country types 
    • Controllable intake and cost allows for a budget to be compiled for entire supplement program at commencement 
    • Encourages stock to forage further and less selectively 
    • Increases dry matter intake of hay or dry pasture 
    • Maintenance levels of phosphorus enable conception rates to be maintained on dry feed 
    • Balance of protein, energy and minerals 
    • Ingredients are held in a molasses-based solution 
    • Option of medications & other additives 
    • Flows at temperatures as low as -10°

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